“No compromise on safety”

Safety and Standards

In shipping business we are every day operating under conditions that are potentially dangerous for our crew as well as for the environment. It is therefore our duty as a shipping company to protect the health and safety of our seafarers and the environment.

We as K&K Schiffahrt have established a culture, were we demand rigorous health, safety and environmental procedures. Acting with constant care as well as looking after each other is part of our safety culture and we focus our efforts to provide our people a safe and healthy work environment.

Safety in combination with environmental responsibility is by far the most important issues on our agenda.

Health and Safety

We commit ourselves to provide a safe and healthy working environment.

    These objectives will be achieved by:
  • Regular inspections and maintenance of equipment and reviews of procedures to ensure their compliance with experience gained, new technology, and alteration in public demands;
  • maintaining high standards of safety consciousness, personal discipline and individual accountability by adherence to a comprehensive and documented system of training;
  • actively promoting employee participation in measures aimed at improving safety and protecting the environment;
  • keeping all personnel fully informed of any known or potential hazards that may affect themselves, their colleagues, the ship or the environment by transmittal of pertinent documentation;
  • ensuring adherence at all times to the documented operating procedures by a system of internal verification of procedures and activities;
  • continuously reviewing all mandatory rules, regulations, industry codes and guidelines that are relevant to specific ship types and trades;


We accept our responsibility for the harmful effects which the operations of our vessels have on both the local and global environment and committing ourselves to reduce them.

It is our policy to conduct our operations in an environmentally best manner to minimize any harmful effects on the environment and to prevent pollution.

    These objectives will be achieved by:
  • compliance with relevant environmental legislation and regulation
  • minimisation of waste and emissions to air and water
  • environmental awareness of all employees
  • effective monitoring of environmental performance
  • continual improvement in environmental and energy performance

Safe Ship Ops

    The implementation of our Safety and Environmental policies are based / written down in our SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM complying with the International Safety Management Code (ISM Code) by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in order to:
  • provide safe practices in ship operation and safe working environment
  • establish safeguards against all identified risks
  • continously improve safety management skills of personell ashore and aboard the ships, including preparing for emergencies related to the safety and environmental protection